Find the Genius Within


please read between the lines…

Each day will come and go with so much ease, the question I must ask is what will you do to please,
Your brother, your sister, your mother or your father, the man on the street, the stranger that you meet or rather,
Or are aiming to please someone bigger than your self,
The one who is responsible for all of the wealth,
See when I say what I say I am talking to you, the reflection you see in everything you say and do,
The mirror you see in everybody’s eyes, is really the power within which always lies,
Deep inside and within your soul, spirit of unconditional love this is just whole,
Whole hearted and full, its holds the key, to everything and endless possibility,
Another question I must ask, is what will it take? To ignite your flame, and maybe awake,
The dream within that came to you, a unique vision only you can make come true,
So help grow your seed, the one which is guaranteed, the one for which you will bleed, so you can succeed as this is all you will need, as you carry on to read, the only thing I ask and plead,
Is be true to yourself and everybody else no matter what colour or creed,
This is a calling, a message at first, an introduction that had to be said like an uncontrolable outburst,
The urgency of time in this modern age, is really a must as we approach an era of rage, please oh please put me on a stage so I can break that cage and write another page, as we delicately engage, and pay homage to those that died, cried and lied and some of us even sighed, when others just wanted to hide, far and wide, running away with pride, unable to take the ride, and fail to strive,
in this ever changing economy, That has really gotten to be, someones monopoly, as I constantly, seem to see, from the politicians to the illuminati, it doesn’t really seem there is a difference if you ask me,
when you look up close and see in their eyes, believe you will understand all of their lies, and how things have materialised from your unwanted wars,those helpless cries, and missle filled skies,
should I carry on and tell you more, how the world is controlled by fear and war,
how people are puppets and pulled by strings, when we think that our vote is what really brings,
the notion of power from what we think is the hour of power, as we cast the vote on who we think has given the best key note,
come on please, there needs to be a check up from the neck up, before we get wrecked up, and hecked up, see please get checked up,
read between the lines, carefully hear these rhymes, as we explore the times,
for we are giving and most of all living,
for those little people with little hands and little eyes, please understand and realise,
the future of our beautiful land, lies in the palm of your hand,
and when the little people say, will we live to see the day, that we can play, without the fear of crime and a time,
where we can say that life is sublime,
we all hold the keys, just read between the lines please………..

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